Who Is She?, She is Me


Well , who Am I. I’m a passionate, saved , working Single Mother of three beautiful children and a Business owner. I love journaling and Event Planning. I have a passion for young Women and Women in Recovery from life experiences and challenges. And as you can maybe guess Tea is my favorite drink. But also now I’m a woman walking in purpose that brings healing to others and continue to bring healing and restoration to myself. I realize that my journey has not been easy and some things I’m not proud of but now knowing that everything from my path was not a mistake or insignificant but everything working together for my good and plan that’s for my life and every test and trial is to share as testimony .My story used for his glory. And who is she , She is me and Beautiful Queen who is blossoming into someone who myself never thought I would see

Thank you for Taking this journey with Me, Continue to sip, share and pour with me