A new journey

Hello Tea Family

I just wanted to pop in to update !

I’m on a new journey, a journey that is long awaited and overdue to start . I’m a Whole student again!!!!!! BSN , RN loading …… OMG ! I can’t believe it but I’m doing it. I’m not going to lie it’s been tough , I cried already , broke down a couple times and wanted to quit already , it is requiring a lot discipline of time, dedication and focus. Demanding mindset change and more creative to balance work, children , family, friends and other aspects of my life . It has been pulling at every piece of me and pushing me past what I thought was my limits. But I know I can’t quit, this is not for me it’s for the seeds I’m planting to change future generations to come. So I have to push. This is something I should’ve completed long time ago, but here I am now after life hits and now it’s MY time !! To become all that I’m purposed to be and get everything that’s promised . It’s never to late to start , Gods timing is everything. So just a little encouragement! If you haven’t started, start ! If you wanted to throw in the towel, just take it a wipe the tears away and get back to it! Remember plant today to reap it tomorrow and many tomorrow’s to come . pray for as I continue to pray for you on our paths and journeys we are all taking

Yours truly the future RN , and Nurse Practitioner

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