Return to Purpose

Not stopping!!!

Happy Tuesday Tea Family it’s been a few weeks but I’m back !!

You know a transparent moment to share , I was losing hope and faith in this baby right here , I was despising small beginnings and really believing , these post and me sharing things and talking about different topics , just wasn’t going anywhere and really didn’t matter. So I really stop wanting to or felt like it would matter if I didn’t post here. And I was like well I move on to something else .

But just as I was doing that negative thinking to myself and down playing the purpose he set for and instructions I was given. God sent a beautiful reminder from a beautiful woman I know , out of nowhere , she reminded me how much one of my post changed her life, how she thought and now how she thinks daily, Snd how my “ Singleness “ post blessed her so greatly that she shared that on her live talks, and encouraged me to keep doing it and writing . But you know she didn’t know I needed that , that I felt this was so little it didn’t matter , but God knew and he used her to spark that fire back and push me back on purpose

So I just wanna peek in and say on this Tuesday, that purpose is never a waste and never pointless , it may not be big in your eyes but it can be life changing for someone when you are in purpose on purpose . You never know who needs you and who is watching , your walk is inspiring someone, your gift is helping heal someone and your purpose is helping deliver someone , sometimes we just don’t know who ,where or when . So we must continue at all times to chase purpose and walk in purpose on purpose no matter what it looks like !

So I just want to encourage you as I encourage myself , keep going, keep progressing and keep striving towards your purpose , because it matters !! And You matter

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