Portrait of A Miracle

What Mess made you a Miracle?!.

Hello !! Happy New year to my Tea Talk family

It has been a while , I know , I know . I’ve missed you guys and missed it here . But to pour out more I have to recharge, reset and renew this vessel. And what a renewing it has been . But that’s is a different topic soon to come.

I want to quickly share what’s been on my heart the heaviest, and that is a sense of gratefulness and reflection of all the things I’ve come through and made it out of ! I call it my Mess . I can’t share everything at once but from young heartbreak, abuse, abortion, could’ve truly been dead ,divorce and caregiver of sick daughter. Reflection over that I truly see how such a mess can be such a Miracle if you never quit or lose that felling of hope. And I have a vision of him on the cross how the blood he shed was so messy but turned to be the greatest miracle. So reflect, remind and then be grateful no matter how messy it is or was, you are a Miracle ! Sip , sip , hooray

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