Something new!!!

A journey within my journey

Hello my tea family!!!! Well, well I’m definitely sipping on something new, bold and different. If you don’t yet, it’s my HAIR!!!! 😁 yes ,my hair .

Look, if anyone knows me know I’ve never done anything drastic to my hair , never colored it or chopped all off or anything, so this was a big deal to make a decision so permanent. I’ve always found confidence and pride in my hair . My hair was my symbol and trademark, something people always referred to me by . So to change it and do something so bold was a sign of something new happening,

A new season of the woman I am and becoming

A woman that is fearless , A woman that is walking in boldness, A woman shedding everything that she thought she knew, A woman that’s losing the labels that was placed on her, A woman embracing all that she is , A woman being intentional and on purpose, A woman that is walking in the unknown with faith and strength like never before. This woman is amazing , bold and her kind of Beautiful.

So this hair journey I took on was not just about my hair changing but a symbolism of How I’ve changed and evolved as a woman and how I’m embracing all of it, so with every loc that was being placed was representation of so many ways I’ve changed! Welcome to the tea family my new babies my sister locs of love ❤️

As I took on this new journey on my journey. What new journey awaits you ? Or that your taking now that is representation of the newness of you?. Whatever it is , embark on it , embrace it and love you every step of the way in it

Sipping on something new is it’s own kind of Beautiful

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