It’s been a little bit since I’ve been on here . I’ve actually been doing some reconnecting with me and making sure I’m on the right path and all that I’m doing is not for my benefit but for purpose , my purpose on this earth !

Well, this is short , sweet but good

One thing I had to see during this time that I am enough for all that I’m set here to do. No matter my past, my mistakes, my wrong choices, my bad days and even my good days. I am enough for everything I’m faced with and Stewart over. And even my businesses , my blog and future endeavors. Although I’ve always heard , God doesn’t give you more than you can bear, and he knows you and knows what’s in store for you, I always thought why does he give me soooo much all the time?!?!… I wished he never thought I was so strong at times or that what he put in me was enough to handle it all. Then just recently, I’ve come to a true acceptance of who I am built to be and to withstand. I understand being enough is revealed through every obstacle and trial , he doesn’t show enough in one bite or one loaf of bread as I traveled through this journey he has should never I’m enough piece by piece and showed he is more than enough as I move, as I share , as I’m walking and working . When I see what I have he shows me how much he is every step of the way.

So I encourage you that every path , every step and every experience, just know you are enough, you have enough already and the pieces of you are built to withstand everything you encounter because he is more than enough and he lives in you. Walk in confidence knowing Everything you already have is ENOUGH!

Your pieces are priceless , your pieces make you unique and built for your path !

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