What a year it has been!!! 2020

Today just wanna talk about this year’s vision so far. What have you seen this year so far?!.

I know a lot has happened all around and a lot is still happening that brings confusion, anger, disappointment and sadness , all these emotions are valid and kind of overwhelming to process it all.

Welp, I’ll share my thoughts of course of my vision this year so far. I’ve have seen so much, good, bad and some I’m not sure yet how to feel. I’ve seen things in people, family and at work. But most importantly I’ve seen things about me and in me , once again some good and some things that need to change. On a positive note I’ll start with the good I’ve seen

I see a woman I’ve never seen before , a woman that is determined, ready , decisive( which is something I’m usually not), inspired, and most importantly empowered to be the great woman I’m sent here to be and walk boldly in purpose. I’ve seen the true beauty of me and I’m loving it !!!

Now, in the midst of all the greatness I’ve seen I had to see some areas that weren’t so great, I saw fear that I’ve walked in for years, still some shame from past and areas and dreams that I had let die in me because I didn’t feel I was worthy to accomplish . I had to deal with my times of procrastination that enemy uses to stop me from completing things and still dealing with doubt on somethings. Distractions I’ve let take me off course and also my role in toxic relationships. It’s been tough to face but I’m facing them head on

Vision is so important, what we see rather good or bad has impact on us . And what we do with what we see is even more important and what we ignore is just as important as what we focus on. so no matter what you have seen so far this year , what will you do about it?. Talk to me !. Just little tea to sip on this Good Friday

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