It Sits In The Pit!

Its something you don’t see coming but it takes up so much space and sits right in the pit of your stomach. It’s called

Anxiety : A feeling of Worry, nervousness or unease. Typically about an imminent event or Something with an uncertain outcome.

in My Eyes of defining Anxiety its a big ticking time bomb of uncontrolled thoughts, and trying to control things that are out of your control and allowing things and events to take control and soon to cause and explosion of out of control behavior

Hello my what a week it has been and wanted to release this !

I have personally been moments of anxiety all week long, not sure of why and why all of sudden this week the feeling of anxiety has creeped back in my life. When nothing is really happening to cause me the need to be anxious about.

In my past I have dealt with anxiety and Depression, a struggle that had me for a long time, in the past season of my life. In that season I suffered in silence due to feeling of shame and embarrassment. I am healed from that so this week had me confused , of why these feeling are coming up again after all this time. One thing I do know I didn’t do with that season in my life was talk about it a lot or really not at all. So here we are!, I know I’m not the only one that didn’t speak about the battle going on inside on a daily basis and I know definitely in black community this is one of many things we don’t speak about because its something that makes you feel like your crazy or weird and out of place and more importantly feel alone.

From my experience with anxiety , I couldn’t sleep, I was very easily irritated, I made up whole movies in my mind of possibilities of all any situation that could happen. Anxiety made me hold my breath waiting for something to happen instead of living in the moment , not truly enjoying what was actually happening. Had me so much more thinking about tomorrow instead of living in the today. I was all over the place mentally with no peace, no contentment, nothing was ever enough. Anxiety left me most of all ; confused and frustrated and had me going nowhere fast. I felt the need to make other areas in my life seem put together , and things i could control I overly did because I could control that one imperfection about myself . I would even go on to say it made me kind of selfish , because I was so caught up on things and my own battle inside , I robbed others and even sometimes my kids of joy, peace and the greatness of me in moments that I should’ve. but most of all I robbed God of the chance to show me the peace he could give me in the moments of fear anxiety if I would’ve gave it over to him in prayer or talking to him.

Anxiety can rob you of some many things but the most precious thing it can rob you of is Time, Time is precious. Time is short , time can’t be replaced or given back. Can you think about the times you have experienced anxiety or still battling with it , especially with everything that is going on around us , what has it really allowed you to accomplish or solve?. how much sleep have you lost? robbed you from living in the moment? making you emotionally unavailable to others?, just some questions to think about .

Realizing now what Anxiety, depression and along with other things was doing to me, I made decision to no longer let that control me and control my thoughts or actions. Understanding what I was feeling helped me start managing it with strategies that worked for me to calm my mind down, control what I can and let what I can’t go. Every time I felt it coming I would play a calming song, read , pray or speak to myself that I would not be anxious or fear the unknown. those are just somethings that helped me, yours maybe look different but whatever will work, do it. and Yes if it is going to take a professional , please don’t be afraid to do that to. Get Help, its okay. I hope this helped someone or maybe someone you know, if not now, maybe something for the future.

I know this was some pretty heavy tea to sip today, but some people sip on this daily and its a real battle inside , I know I did. But now I’m sipping on the freedom from Anxiety , Depression and fear. living a lot happier, more joyful life, not perfect but progressing in liberty. I wish and desire that you do the same. So Sip your way free, Ill leave with one of my favorite scripture to read and I read it all week

Phillipians 4: 6

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything, tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done.

result Scripture: Phillipians 4: 7

Then you will experience God’s peace which exceeds anything we can understand, his peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Remember God Said he will and I’m a testament That he Did!!

2 thoughts on “It Sits In The Pit!

  1. Awesome word !!! Well needed for this day.I was experiencing the same thing this week and this word reminded me that God will exceed overly and abundantly as we seek him first.Thank you sis !!!

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