Truth Is……

Hello everyone!, I’ve missed writing and it’s been awhile . But whew!!!! , It has definitely been a roller coaster ride of events happening, emotions and feelings being stirred up . And I have been a wreck myself as I’m living in the tension of it all. And honestly trying to find a balance of it all , the truth and reality of what’s going on personally, racially, spiritually and emotionally and the Grace that is needed, required and necessary in this time of so much tension.

Living in the tension brings about so much anxiety , stress, reaction instead of responding, brings the feeling for instant gratification . Tension tests character and it also reveals what lies in the heart of people and sometimes the reality of that alone is a true reality check. So we together have to remember while we are living in so much tension to check ourselves , our heart, character and truly deal with these things especially in this time. We all can change something about ourselves to make a collective change for the world and even change things or problems that are so close to us , and with relationships that we are in daily, friends, family and professionally.

Truth is that we all have not been perfect. Truth is that we all have messed up, not made the best decisions in life in some form. Truth is that we all have had bad thoughts about things or people, even though it was never shared out loud. Truth is sometimes we don’t have perspective and don’t truly desire it because we wanna see through our own lenses. Truth is sometimes we do forget where we have come from and the things we’ve done and don’t give enough grace to people when we have needed it ourselves. Truth is we can’t truly get past years of wrong until we break up with mindsets and things that have been taught to us as being right. Truth is we can’t hold anyone else accountable for anything that we don’t hold ourselves accountable for. Truth is we can’t love anyone else with love you can’t even give yourself. Truth is it’s not about the fight , it’s about the battle beyond the fight , not what we are fighting but who and why . Truth is everyone has a story, but do we care enough to listen and share. Truth is we all struggle with something and need love . Truth is rather we want to acknowledge or not love does cost , the cost of humility, patience, dedication, commitment , understanding, compassion, forgiveness. Love cost you giving up the ME mentality for the betterment of unity that leads to better situations, relationships and real solutions . So truth is in someway in this time of tension we all can do something , but first look at ourselves and better that person along the way .

My Truth

I have struggled to have perspective in current events because my feelings and emotions and knowing what’s right , takes over . Truth is I’ve personally been tested relationally and I can’t say I responded well every time, I’ve wanted to react based off my feelings. I’ve had days I wanted to take how I felt about things out on the wrong people. I’ve felt angry, disappointed, fear and some anxiety at times. Truth is I’ve had many attacks in this time alone that has tried to break me and test my character and my faith. But also my truth is that I’ve seen my growth, I’ve seen my perseverance, I’ve seen my ability to stay still and not be moved , I’ve seen me stand up when I should have stayed down , I’ve seen my worth and the power I have . I’ve seen ME . Beauty , strength, Love, Grace and Truth.

Truth is I hope daily you become a better you , better than ever . In middle tests, tension and trials we understand that with challenge brings change , we can all be apart of change if we choose to change. let’s talk , please respond and give your thoughts , take time to sip and reflect. Let’s sip and share. Thank you my tea talk family can’t wait to hear from you guys

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