Freedom from Me

Well hello! 😊

So, this I thought was fitting to start with because it’s a start of something new, but in order to start something new it’s a letting go of something old and. This word comes from root word of liberation and same as deliverance, which is so great because I know for myself liberation was not in my vocabulary for a long time. Honestly for years I was not at liberty to me and it wasn’t because of people wouldn’t accept me , it came back to me not accepting myself, my genuine self and learning to stand in that. Now not accepting myself came from insecurities that were developed from words and actions towards me from others but the root was from me not accepting me in my own heart and mind and being sure of that. The opposite of freedom and liberty is slavery and bondage, not by visible chains or restraints but my chains were internal and restraints were mental that I created because of my flaws, mistakes and life challenges, i forgiveness and the forgiveness was not from not forgiving others because I was good at that it was not forgiving ME !. And Woe , that was a burden on me for years because I never forgave me for things I accepted and did . But NOW, it’s a new day and time and I understand that even with all the flaws and wrong I’ve done and the imperfections , that I am still wonderful, I am still great I am still beautiful and Still worthy. And I can no matter what be used to help somebody else. So, even on my darkest day I can still be a light to someone day But I know I gotta forgive myself for yesterday so I can live in Today.

So freedom is a gift but it comes with a cost of letting go of what was and having faith of knowing what it shall be and who you shall be. I found this freedom the hardest place but has brought me to a great place, not a perfect place but a place in life where I’m progressing and loving all of me flaws and All!

Psalms 118:5 ; when hard pressed , I cried to the Lord; he brought me to a spacious place

I hope this tea of freedom and liberation soothes the mind and Freedom is your!! So free yourself and begin to live great

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